The show gets a little rough and rugged this week, as we cover some particularly dark stories, Brandon asks Dustin a tough question, and Brandon sells his Soul for the good of the show.

Would You Rather: Commit Bestiality or Pedophilia to save your mother’s life?

Daily Trouble: Brandon reads a local story where a crazed woman assaults an infant at a restaurant, and we end the segment with a candle/dynamite-stick mix-up

Weather: A man locks himself in his car for 14 hours, and a grandmother locks her grandson in a car for 5 hours.

Seppuku With the Stars: A mayor kills her daughter and then herself. Brandon and Dustin cope.

Married… to Children: A burglar intended to steal something very precious, but found himself in the massive jaws of defeat.

Sports: A skydiving instructor mysteriously fell to his death.

Brandon the Not-So-Teenage Witch: Brandon finally sold his soul to the devil. Pray along with us to the Dark Lord, and unleash your own Satanic power.



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