S02E03 – Bowel Blowout

Let’s jump into some ridiculous stories. This week we have a few returning segments, and a few new segments.

Media That Makes Me Moan: Brandon recently watched Tusk on Netflix, Dustin talks about The Lobster and Killing of a Sacred Deer. The guys also celebrate the return of Dennis to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and we finish off with a few whacks at Louis C.K.

S**t I Read In Science: We tackle a story about a man who started defecating inside his own body. Word of the week: MegaRectum.

Married… To Children: We bring on a new segment that no one asked for with this new story about a Transgender-kidnapper-child molester-pimp. You know her. You hate her. Morgana Platt

Seppuku With the Stars: Brandon appropriates Japanese culture with his new bumper, and the guys discuss a single story where a news anchor shot herself in the head on live TV. Boy did she go out with a bang.

Daily Trouble: Our latest and greatest segment where we bring you bizarre and disgusting events revolving around every day life. Did a dead whale at sea lead to thousands of maggots washed up on Hampton Beach? Can Dustin distinguish the difference between human and animal feces on the streets of San Francisco? And how much fun would it be to blow up a giant dead animal with several tons of dynamite? This and more in today’s Daily Trouble.

Saved by the Bell…y: Last week the hosts pondered the possibility of a person so obese that their multiple layers of fat could save their life. This week we bring you two such individuals. Come for the bus driver, and stay for the flesh eating bacteria.

Brandon the Not-So-Teenage Witch: As Brandon delves into the magical depths he ponders the philosophy and science of horoscope technology. And Dustin finds himself unfortunately along for the ride.



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